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We are Colegio Biblico — Somos Colegio Biblico

Colegio Biblico was founded in 1945 out of a great need seen by Harland Cary and his wife, Frances, while on their way to serve as missionaries in South America.

It has since grown due to continuous blessings and in 1996, Colegio Biblico operates on both sides of the border with Mexico. In this way Colegio can also provide education to students in Piedras Negras, Coahuila for those who could not obtain visas and now have the opportunity to receive training in Mexico.


• CB is a pioneer in ministering to the Hispanic people in the United States

• 90% of Hispanic preachers in Christian churches of Christ in the U.S. are graduates of Colegio Biblico

• 484 graduates from 1949 to 2012


• Colegio Biblico offers academic programs to prepare students for preaching and teaching the Bible.

• Theology (5 years)

• Ministerial Science (4 years)

• Sacred Literature (4 years)

• Christian Education (2 years)

International Students & Visas

• Prospective single student has to pay $365 to apply for a student visa

• If the visa is denied, they lose their money

• It is harder for a Latin American applicant to obtain a student visa for Mexico than for the United States (Mainly because of religious persecution).

• U.S. Consuls look at financial stability of applicant and real estate that would guarantee the student would go back home.

Christian Service

• Local ministries in 30 churches in Texas and Mexico.

• Evangelism: To fields of ministry, camps, and other churches. Share the Gospel by way of preaching, music, and drama.

• Camps and Youth Conventions

Ministries of
Colegio Biblico

• Church planting

• Orphanages

• Radio & TV

• Nursing homes

• Medical clinics

• Bible colleges

• Local church ministries

Construction Policy

• Colegio Biblico has a no-debt policy.

• Construction is done only if funds are available.

• Colegio's latest construction project is the Mexico Campus Chapel

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